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We want to put a spark back in your life, in the lives of children & families, to your early learning centre & organisations; to provide support, intervention and evidence-based services to improve socially significant behaviours.  

Living on the stunning land, surrounded by the beautiful seas of Lutruwita (Tasmania), is not without the challenge of accessing the best, most appropriate service to meet your needs. As a remote service provider, Sparks provides outreach, bringing our service to your family & community.

Sparks is a mobile service, prepared and skilled in completing behaviour assessment across a wide variety of environments to gain the best possible information on behaviours of concern, on skills to be developed.

Our spark is understanding behaviour & through comprehensive functional assessment, we collaborate with support services to empower individuals & improve behavioural needs, to ensure behaviour change is sustainable, is improved across contexts & environments. 
We take the hardwork out of understanding behaviour for professionals, families & services; provide evidence-based understanding of behaviour & a solid foundation for implementing behaviour change programs.

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Home & centre-based behavioural support

Home-based - in your home or setting

Centre-based - Kindergarten, child-care, early learning environments

Functional assessments - Observing, collecting information from families, professionals, patterns & history of behaviour, analysing, understanding the function of behaviour

Our programs offer assessment (of the behaviour & skills presenting), planning and goal setting, intervention support, regular progress reports; including providing skill based training to families & professionals to continue to support individuals and maintain the changes in behaviours. 

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